MUSIC: New York, New York

Recording of “New York, New York,” performed by the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Band at the VFRS 125th Anniversary in Gastown, Vancouver, BC, on June 12, 2011.


MUSIC: All of Me [with vocals]

Music track of song, All of Me, at the 125th Anniversary of the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services department. Sung by band member Carla, with various solos by nearby steam fire engine, Steve on keys, Rob on trumpet…


VFRS Hosts Youth Fire Academy!

In April and in May 2011, the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services hosted two week-long fire academies for high school kids.

They did a great job, and we thought you might enjoy seeing and hearing a little about what happened there!

Check out this video: VFRS Youth Fire Academy 2011


Coming soon: Videos and Pictures from the 125th Anniversary of the VFRS

The weather was spectacular, the crowd was fantastic, and the music was hot! (Or so we were told…)

And now we’re beat…

Stay tuned for some pictures and videos from today’s event, the celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services! Also today, we commemorated 125 years since the Great Fire, also called the Gastown Fire, that levelled the newly-incorporated City of Vancouver in a matter of hours.

We’ll get those pictures and videos up as soon as we […]


EVENT: June 12, 125th Anniversary Celebration

It’s time to celebrate!

“Why?” you ask?

April, May and June, 1886, were big months in the lives of people living in Gastown, on Burrard Inlet. Three things happened, in quick succession: they incorporated Gastown and environs as the City of Vancouver (April 6), they formed a brand-new fire brigade (May 28, but only with shovels, axes, and buckets to start out with), and then they lost everything when the city caught on fire and essentially burned to the ground (June 13), […]