Band becomes a unit of the VFRS

As of Oct 22, 2012, the Firefighters Band is now a formal unit of Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services!


NEWS: We’re taking a break!

We’re taking a break for the summer! Meanwhile, have a listen to some of our new audio recordings by clicking on our Music tab. (We’ll post more during the summer.) Have a wonderful summer, and see you in September.


Formal Statement from the VFRS Fire Chief

Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services Band

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services (“VF&RS”) has a long tradition of being represented at civic and departmental events by a band. From 1927 to 1994 the Vancouver Firefighters’ Band was an integral part of VF&RS. In 1994 the Vancouver Firefighters’ Band Society (the “Society”) was created and the City was affiliated with and represented by the Society from its inception in 1994 until August 2009, maintaining the name Vancouver Firefighters’ Band.

The City and VF&RS are […]