VIDEO: Pictures and Music of the 125th Anniversary of the VFRS

Video/musical recap of the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services celebration of their 125th Anniversary event in Gastown, Vancouver. Fire departments from around Metro Vancouver and from Victoria sent their gorgeous vintage fire trucks, historical firefighting equipment, and friendly, hardworking firefighters and volunteers, to help us celebrate in style! The band was there, too…


MUSIC: Alright, Okay, You Win!

Audio recording of “All Right, Okay, You Win!” a happy, toe-tapping tune we love to play, featuring VFRS Band member solos: Brian on guitar, Rob on trumpet, Mark on tenor saxophone, and Steve on keys!


VIDEO: Olympics Flashback

Olympics 2010 Torch Runner and Firefighter, Brian Bogdanovich, carries the torch to City Hall, and passes it on to the VPD. The Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Band was there, too, providing music support and entertainment. We love this “flashback” look at that wonderful event!


MUSIC: You Lika’ Da Juice?

Audio recording of “You Lika’ Da Juice?” by Victor Lopez. Performed by the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Band for the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the VFRS. Gastown, June 12, 2011.


MUSIC: New York, New York

Recording of “New York, New York,” performed by the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Band at the VFRS 125th Anniversary in Gastown, Vancouver, BC, on June 12, 2011.