VIDEO: St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Vancouver, 2012

Wow, did we ever get lucky with great weather for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade this year! It was almost — almost — sunny at moments, but even better, it was neither raining nor all that chilly.

We even got to break in not one but *TWO* brand shiny new tubas that arrived just in time for this grand occasion!

Here are some clips from YouTube posters that we hope you enjoy. I hope you all realize just how much we appreciate you all taking and sharing videos of these occasions. Not only is it fun (and instructive!) to see and hear ourselves as you see and hear us, but it also gives us a chance to enjoy the rest of the parade performances and exhibits, like the wonderful little Irish dancers (their banner reads “Eire Born”) at about 6:00 into the video by off2theairport, or the Irish line dancers on the float at about 8:30. Actually, there are so many great costumes, dances, music, vintage vehicles, it’s hard to pick favourites!

Video 1, by off2theairport

In this clip we are playing the end of It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, and then we switched into a tune called Irish Parade, coming into earshot just after 3:00 as the horses parade by — and yes, we did have to dodge the odd dropping or two along the way, despite the best efforts of the pooper scooper between us and the horses! LOL! We’ve set the video to start at the 3:00 mark, where you start to hear us and get to see the horses. Watch out for the Fire Chief at the back of the band, marching with us on the right side of the band, before the ladder truck comes into a peek-a-boo view. After that, you can (and should, if you have time!) — take the clip right back to the beginning to see more of the parade:

Video 2 from welc2bc

Here you hear our drums for a bit, and then the beginning of Irish Parade (we start at 6:43 — love the green Chinese dragon at 7:50!):

Video 3 is from irishrfernandez

You really should pop back to about 4:10 or so to see the unicycle-riding bagpipe player and some other street performers right after he zips by! …but we start playing It’s a Long Way to Tipperary at about 4:55 so we set it to jump to there:

Haven’t found a clip of us playing Macnamara’s Band yet, but we’ll keep searching! That one probably sounded the best, judging from what your intrepid first-time cymbal-player-who-usually-plays-bass heard as she crashed along near the back…

Enjoy! We certainly did…


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