VIDEO: Chinese New Year’s Parade, Vancouver, 2012

VFRS Band in Chinese New Year Parade, Vancouver 2012
Many thanks to Butch over at his YouTube channel, butchnews, for taking and sharing video of so many community events around Vancouver.

This video is from the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver on January 29, 2012. We’ve set the video to start where we come into earshot at about the 2:50 mark, but you can go back to see the very beginning of the parade video, too.

This time, we played one of our favourite marching tunes, Colonel Bogey. It’s such a cheery tune, with lots of trombone and tuba bits, and it always seems to go over well with the crowds, too, which we enjoy. (Perhaps it also reminds us older ones of that old TV show, Hogan’s Heroes?)

Check out the other videos in Butch’s channel to see the rest of the parade. So many great costumes, performers, dragons, firecrackers, and more!


About VFRS Band

Official firefighters' band for the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, serving Metro Vancouver since 1927.