Please “Like” our Facebook Page!

Hi Everyone,

Here is a shortened link to our Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/vanfireband.

For the record, this is what the “real” one looks like: http://www.facebook.com/erinanne#!/pages/Vancouver-Fire-and-Rescue-Services-Band/131392920262292… UGH! Try and remember that one!

So, the deal is, in order for us to get us a nice, pretty, easy-to-remember URL for our Facebook Page, we need to have a minimum of 25 “likes” on our page. We have 17 so far. Close, but no cigar, as the saying goes…

If you are on Facebook, will you go to the link above and (after you sign in, of course), click on the “Like” button for our page?

Thank you!


PS: Stay tuned for when we get our very own, personalized URL! 🙂

HINT: In case this is not familiar to you, here’s a screenshot of what to look for:

Facebook Page "Like" Button

Where to find the "Like" button on our Facebook Page!

ANOTHER HINT: Once you’ve “liked” our page, this button will disappear!

About VFRS Band

Official firefighters' band for the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, serving Metro Vancouver since 1927.