NEWS: We’re back!

One of the great joys of September, shorter days and cloudy skies notwithstanding, is the resumption of our rehearsal schedule for the new year!

We met last night for our first chop-buster session, expecting something close to disaster after a summer of fun in the sun (wherever we could find it — wow, was July ever dismal this year!). To our surprise and delight, most of us were pretty darn close to playing shape after all, fingers and embouchures (translation: lips pursed in weird ways to make the right sounds come out of our brass and reed instruments) all ready to work out for two solid hours, and we really had a blast! (Sorry, couldn’t resist a terrible musicians’ joke.)

We read through a bunch of new tunes, and started planning our new playlist for the year. We’ll keep many of our old favourites, of course, such as Ain’t Misbehaving, or Sweet Georgia Brown, but we’re working away on some great new tunes we think you’ll love!

Here are a few of our possibilities:

  • Get It On (wow, that’s a workout!)
  • El Centro (ha! 200 bpm… ok… that’s fast!)
  • The Sermon (a nice riff off the old standard, The Preacher)
  • Why Musicians Can’t Dance (really, it’s true, you don’t want to see any of us “dance,” it’s definitely not a pretty thing)
  • Old Devil Moon (does Sammy Nestico have any bad arrangements? Not in our books!)

If you are interested in booking the band for your event, send us an email through our contact form and we’ll sort it out from there. We’re already taking bookings for the spring, so don’t delay!

Welcome to Fall 2011! It’s going to be a great year!


About VFRS Band

Official firefighters' band for the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, serving Metro Vancouver since 1927.