MUSIC: In the Mood

In the Mood

Giant poster for VFRS’ 125th Anniversary Event

Written by Joe Garland, “The Original Glenn Miller Arrangement as suggested to the composer”

A perennial crowd favourite, this one often gets people up and dancing along!

Date: June 12, 2011
Event: 125th Anniversary of the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services
Place: Gastown, Vancouver, BC
Band: Full Swing Band


Photo Credit: Erin Anne Beirne

Recording Credit: Erin Anne Beirne, with iPhone 4 using iRecorder Pro. (Yes, we know, it wasn’t positioned in the best place to capture the whole band for the first few songs, including this one. We’ll work on getting better recordings when we reconvene next fall…)

About VFRS Band

Official firefighters' band for the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, serving Metro Vancouver since 1927.