LINK: National Anthems: Free arrangements in six-part harmony

Music IconWe recently found this website with a number of national anthem arrangements. Each one is available as a midi-style mp3 so we can hear the tune, along with a six-part arrangement presented as a downloadable PDF.

The webmaster from this site says,

“Each anthem is arranged in six-part harmony and the full scores include brief historical notes, as well as performance suggestions. The parts are available in A4 size (very similar to American Letter size) and will eventually be available in Marching Card size.”(Colin Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.)

Also, make sure you read the “Read Me” section where he talks more about the idea behind the simple arrangements (so they are flexible), as well as the number of different anthems some countries have and the challenge of getting the “most” authentic version of the anthem, even after he talked to music experts from those countries! Makes for an interesting little discussion. (For instance, he says that, until recently, Liechtenstein had not one, not two, but five national anthems!)

Here is the link: http://www.colin-kirkpatrick.com/national-anthems/contents.html

Hope this is helpful!


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