Important Note

We need to address an important issue of identity that touches on a few years of our history.

From 1994-2009, we tried operating the band as a society under the auspices of the VFRS department. However, some critical issues arose with that arrangement, and in 2009 the VFRS completely severed all ties with the society, bringing the band back in-house.

This has caused some confusion in the community as, rather than staying with the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Band and helping us continue our long and proud tradition, some former society members branched off and created a separate band that is sometimes confused with ours. Adding to the public’s confusion, others of our members have served the Fire Department and the band loyally for many years, including from before 1994 when the society was formed, and have continued to serve right through these transitions. For these members, service to the public through the VFRS and the City of Vancouver is paramount, and we are proud of them and their ongoing commitment.

Meanwhile, the former society continues to publish information and photographs from the era when they represented the department, leading community leaders and organizers to think that they are still connected with Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services.

They are not.

We are very anxious that you not confuse us with the other band: they have nothing to do with us, and we will not appear in any events where they are present.

For clarity, the band with which the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services has severed all ties uses two names: Vancouver Firefighters Concert and Marching Band Society (aka “Vancouver Firefighters Band”); and Metro Vancouver Firefighters Band (also sometimes appending the word “Society”).

If you want to read something more “official,” please read this formal statement from the Fire Chief’s Office.

If you have any doubts as to which band you are contacting for your event, please use the contact form provided in this site and we’ll help you sort that out.