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LINK: Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Every year, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation holds a memorial event honouring those firefighters who have died in the line of duty.


From their website:

The Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation was created to HONOUR and REMEMBER firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty and to SUPPORT their families. The CFFF is a registered charity and operates by fundraising.

They are working on a new memorial, to be unveiled during the 2012 ceremony, on […]


GIG: Ocean Concrete Event Details

Hey Everyone,

Here are the details on the Ocean Concrete gig on April 30:


Call time (depending on your instrument) 11:15 to 11:30
Downbeat: 12:00 noon
Play time: until 1 or 1:30 (1300 or 1330)
Post-gig: Munchies on the Island as per Rod’s recommendation


Uniform: Navy pants, blue shirt, tie, belt, black socks, black shoes, no hat
IMPORTANT: MUST have alternative clothing to wear if going out afterwards — no identifiable uniform pieces are to be worn inside any licensed facilities. Either cover up with a jacket […]


Test post for Advisory Committee

This is just a test to see if band members can also see this post. Testing an advisory-committee-only area. Oh yeah, and Steve Prestage, too. I gave him ninja-rights to the site, even though he doesn’t actually know it yet! LOL! And don’t forget ea/… she gets to see everything! (heh heh)


LINK: National Anthems: Free arrangements in six-part harmony

We recently found this website with a number of national anthem arrangements. Each one is available as a midi-style mp3 so we can hear the tune, along with a six-part arrangement presented as a downloadable PDF.

The webmaster from this site says,

“Each anthem is arranged in six-part harmony and the full scores include brief historical notes, as well as performance suggestions. The parts are available in A4 size (very similar to American Letter size) and will eventually […]


RECORDING: Rehearsal Recording for April 18, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Here is the link for the rehearsal recording for April 18, 201:

Password: W00dSh3d  — (Capital W) (Zero) (Zero) (lowercase d) (Capital S) (lowercase h) (number 3) (lowercase d)

This was our first rehearsal in our “new” facility, the Hose and Hydrant/Firefighters’ Club. The audio for the band sounds terrific! The audio for when we talk is harder to hear, so I amplified those sections. It’s not great, but it does work… sort of!

See you this coming Monday, April 25, […]